Embracing Autumn... Thinking out Loud

Autumn is my favorite season for a few reasons.

I love the many colors of the leaves. They are electric!

I love the thought of nature shedding its appearance to take a rest.

Finally, it reminds me that what may seem dead can come back in a new way. In short, it reminds me of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Jesus may have laid down His life for us, but He did not stay dead. I'm sure when his body was being wrapped in cloth, it looked as if He was finished. I assure you, He was just getting started.

To me, autumn is the preamble to winter, which must always make way for springtime. From the change of the leaves, to the shedding and eventual regrowth I can see the hand of my Lord in all of nature.

When I think of myself as a leaf falling from a tree, I am reminded that surrender enables me to live again. Even more, when I surrender I am able to give nourishment to new leaves in new seasons, much like the leaves that decompose at the foot of a tree.

We need each other. Autumn taught me that. We need a Savior. Life taught me that.

Take a walk and enjoy the changing of the leaves as soon as you possibly can.

I know I will.

Mind WingsRobyn EvansComment