My New Logo - What Does it Mean?

I have a logo!

Can you tell I’m excited? Let me tell you all about it. First, I have an awesome graphic designer. Her name is Myrna Galan and she owns Galan Graphix in Texas. I love working with her because she listens to my rough vision and translates it into something beautiful.

This logo not only represents me, it also represents women across the land who seek transformation. To me, butterflies represent the beauty after the struggle. I don’t know what your struggles are, but I know you have them.

We all do.

The butterfly wings in my logo represent the infinite bonds of sisterhood as we break through our struggles. We must work together to form circles, that when stretched slightly across each other, cause us to manifest our wings.

Flight. That's our goal.

I pray that this site will be a source of encouragement, spiritual motivation and true sisterhood.

See you in the air!