Three-Day Giveaway!

In honor of this relaunch and the holiday season, I am doing an awesome giveaway!

I mean, why not?

Giveaway 1: Add me as a friend on Facebook (if you haven't already) and look on my page for the giveaway post. Come on, be a detective and find it. Follow the instructions. It's not hard! Giveaway: $20 Amazon gift card

Giveaway 2: Comment on any blog post on this site between 11/23 and 11/24 AND join the Monarch Club. You will have to spend some time on my site to do these things! Giveaway: Shades of Color Butterfly Hair Magnet (pictured on this post)

Giveaway 3: On Saturday, November 25, go to my Facebook fan page and like, comment and share the Small Business Saturday post. Giveaway: A copy of my latest book!

Have fun playing!