After We Give Thanks... Thinking out Loud

What a great Thanksgiving I had!

Great food and fellowship indeed.

I was running around doing errands today, thinking about the blessings I received on Thanksgiving. Laying my head on my mom's shoulder and having her kiss my head was the greatest gift I received. We talked a lot, about nothing in particular. It was perfect. Well, perfect for my new reality anyway because I really miss who she was before dementia arrived.

To my mother I have been a friend, adviser, road partner, confidant, sister-in-Christ and even a caregiver. To me, she has been everything. My best friend.

As I thought about our exchange on Thanksgiving, I pondered what I should do after giving thanks. I mean, is giving thanks the end of the story?

Not for me.

I feel that I have a responsibility to be more than thankful. I must be a blessing. I can't always receive and never give. 

When we are truly grateful, we reciprocate.