In the Shadow of Calvary

I am a Christian. I'm not one who is big on labels, but I accept this one with honor. I am not ashamed to identify with Jesus Christ. He wasn't ashamed to be identified with me. Wayward me. Troubled me. Beautiful me. Amazing ME.

One of these days, I'd like to walk the Via de la Rosa just as my father did.

I have never been to the Holy land. My father made the trip many years ago and I'll never forget what he said.

"You can feel Jesus in the air."

He said it was unmistakable. In those days, when you got off of a plane you stepped right outside. As he stood on the top step getting ready to deplane, he said the essence of Jesus hit him. It blew his mind that even though so many years had passed, the very fragrance of Christ hung heavy in the air.

In my mind, I can just see the look on my father's face. He had such a beautiful smile. I am thinking of his smile right now, but can't help thinking about the look on Jesus' face at Calvary. Jesus, the best of Heaven and earth took our place and bore every sin that ever was or would be. 

Every last one.

Can you even begin to imagine what it must feel like for a person so holy to experience so much sin? It was heaped upon Him and He was innocent. 

I stand in the shadow of Calvary with every grateful fiber of my mortal body and in the full worship-rich essence of my spirit self. I am undone by what He did. The love is beyond what I can fathom.

I am a Christian.

Soul WingsRobyn EvansComment