It Should Never Get Old

This morning, I was thinking about the wonder of Bethlehem. Isn't it mind-blowing that God Himself came to us? He, a perfect mix of diety and dust came to us in the most unassuming way. He was not ushered into the atmosphere with trumpets. Not much fanfare, at all.

He was born in the small town of Bethlehem, with only a star to announce His birth. Imagine him laying in that feeding trough. The bread of life, served up for all.

As I think on these things, I am reminded that this story should never get old to those who believe on Jesus Christ. Out of His humble beginning flows abundance; His excruciating end and subsequent resurrection brings life in the darkest of places and situations.

It is no small thing that He came to us.

He never had to, but He did.

How many wealthy people would leave their lives of opulence, head to the ghetto and give the down and out the keys to their homes? How many people of great means would take all they have and give everything to the poor?

By the act of coming here, serving here, dying here and rising here, Jesus gave us access to... there.

My mother-in-love is there. She just left us 22 days ago. I love this picture of her smiling. My godfather is there. He left us only 52 days ago. His smile too, was electric. My father is there. He left us almost 13 years ago. His smile always lit my heart.

I know so many loved ones who are there.

The fact that we can go there through Christ should never get old.


He's coming back. Right away.

Merry Christmas to all.

Soul WingsRobyn EvansComment