His Hands, Our Feet

I am sick.

The doctor says I am suffering from a viral infection in my respiratory system. All I can think of right now are my hands. My father was obsessed with clean hands. He always told me to keep my hands clean and out of my face.

My hands are probably what made me sick. Somewhere along the way I touched something, the virus got on my hands and I touched my ears, nose, mouth or eyes. I am looking at them now as I type this message and realize the power of hands to hurt or heal.

More than my own hands, my thoughts turn toward Calvary tonight. There are two hands that capture my attention above all. The hands of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Those hands, at the ends of regal arms, were stretched on a tree for me. Those hands with nails driven deep into His flesh brought life into a world that had forgotten its true meaning.

Looking into this year, all I can think of are His hands and our feet.

We are to walk His love all around this planet and share about the only hands that can lift us into life.

Look around you. Who can you tell about the hands of Jesus?

Don't get lifted by yourself.

We can rise together.

Happy New Year!