That's Just How I Am

We never see ourselves. I am reminded of the old saying that when you point at someone there are three fingers pointing right back at you. If we want to grow in the spirit, we will ask God to show us who we really are.

It sure hurts.

When we see the real us, we might be tempted not to believe the truth. The truth is that all of us fall very short of His glory. It takes a truly enlightened person to understand just how far he or she is from God's standard of holiness. We need the rich, crimson cover of Jesus' sacrifice for father God to even look upon us.

Some of the people I respect and admire the most have serious emotional issues, sometime spanning back to childhood. I recognize it easily because I have been there. I applaud the person who can say, this is who I am, but I long to grow and get better. I applaud the person who says, no more will I be a slave or victim to what happened in my past. I applaud the person who knows there is far greater to be done in their highest self -- a higher state that can only be reached in the level shadows of the Cross.

When we want to be of service to our world, we can no longer rely on "that's just how I am." Who you are was transformed the day you asked Jesus into your heart. Who you will be remains to be seen.

Your transformation begins in your mind. God knows this so He teaches us to renew it daily and put on the new self that He has fashioned for you.

Take off those grave clothes and rise.