One Word at a Time: My Focus for 2019

It’s been about three years since I created a New Year’s resolution. If you’re anything like me, your intentions are great, but you could use a little help with follow through.

In years past, I made a long list of everything I wasn’t going to do in the coming year. Thinking that was negative, I started making a list of everything I was going to do next year. Speak what you want, right? I would put my list in an area where I could see it every day, but after a while I stopped looking. Not long after that, I stopped caring.

Year after year, I felt defeated.

One day, my sister asked me what my word would be for the coming year. My word? I hadn’t a clue. She encouraged me to search my heart and ask God to reveal my word. It would be a word to set the tone for the coming year. No longer would I need to make a long list to eventually ignore. All I had to do was focus on one word.

I prayed on it and sure enough a word began to ring in my spirit. In 2015, my word was: completion. It made perfect sense to me because I had so many half-done projects. Year after year, I looked for a new word to ring in my spirit. One year, my word was excellence. One year, consistency. This year? Revival.

I’ve been dead in so many ways. I need a refreshment of the spirit in a supernatural way. I have listened to too many people talking. I have followed too many paths. I have allowed confusion in my mind about my purpose here.

Revival is necessary in these last days.

Essential. Mandatory. Urgent.

I invite you to put away your lists and resolutions. I encourage you to search your heart for the one word you need to guide you through 2019.

It could be a word that changes your life and everyone around you.