New Book Project - Dementia Through a Daughter's Eyes

Thanks to everyone who has supported my series, The Prisoner of Hope Letters! I always call it a private project gone public. I never intended to publish the letters. I wrote them for myself in a trying season of life when I was stalked by depression and felt low on hope.

If anything has taught me about the power of God to restore your mind, it has been watching my mother slowly slip away under the veil of Alzheimer's. There is no way I would still be in my right mind without Him.

It was laid on my heart years ago to write a book about what I have experienced watching my mother go through this thief of a disease. I am finding it therapeutic to reflect and write. I am hoping that anyone who is watching a loved one go through dementia will be encouraged and uplifted by this book.

What do you think of my cover concept. It is still rough.

Expected release is December 1, 2018!