One Hope at a Time: The Prisoner of Hope Letters, Book One

One Hope at a Time: The Prisoner of Hope Letters, Book One

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In 2010, Robyn Franceen Evans began writing letters to encourage herself in a particularly tough season. When God laid it on her heart to share those letters, the Prisoner of Hope email ministry was born. Starting with 12 people, now more than 120 subscribers in the Monarch Club receive reminders of hope every week in their email inboxes. Determined to share these letters with a larger audience, Robyn has compiled the first two years of Prisoner of Hope letters in this book, along with thought-provoking questions and scriptures. 

At any given moment we may face a circumstance that challenges our hope, Therefore, we must be diligent to continuously sow God’s words into our minds. In doing so, our hope harvest becomes infinite. The absence of hope is like the end of light. This book will help you to remember that there is always hope – even if you must squint to see and strain to hear with spiritual eyes and ears. One hope at a time is how we navigate this journey; one hope at a time is how we conquer everything that threatens the light Jesus died to give. Just as the resurrected Christ stands today at the right hand of Father God, know that you can stand strong in His power to face every enemy of hope. Use this book whenever you need a dose of encouragement and share it with others who need a good word.

Take this journey one hope at a time.

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